DEEPMA™ (Deep Mind Awareness™) is a special innovative market research method developed by ICERTIAS where a person being surveyed is asked to think carefully about a question before they give a final response

During testing, the DEEPMA™ scheme enables the avoidance of the most popular, or so-called Top of Mind brands, so that during market research those surveyed provide answers that refer to the experienced quality of the very product or service in question, rather than the reputation.

QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ research measures the quality of a product from the perspective of consumers, but also according to the perception of those who are not necessarily users but have a relevant opinion based on the experience of people they are close to in their environment, e.g. a mother decides about the quality of children’s nappies or children’s shampoo. 

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QUDAL is a certification programme that, based on scientific market research using the innovative DEEPMA (Deep Mind Awareness) method, detects and rewards products and services on the market. Only products and services, assessed by consumers, with the highest scores in their market category may carry the prestigious gold QUDAL – QUality meDAL accolade.

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