About us

Recognising, rewarding and promoting quality on the market

Led by the passion to provide consumers with the easiest route to the best products and services available, we ensure that consumers’ expectations are met and exceeded.


Our objective is to create a culture in which suppliers, manufacturers and service providers strive to achieve maximum quality and provide superior conditions for consumers.

Our innovative award programme and certification seal – QUDAL – QUality meDAL greatly assists in our mission of recognising and promoting quality.

The QUDAL ® - QUality meDAL™ accolade is only awarded to those products and services on the market that offer consumers the greatest level of quality – based on scientific market research according to the innovative QUDAL® - Quality – DEEPMA method.

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QUDAL is a certification programme that, based on scientific market research using the innovative DEEPMA (Deep Mind Awareness) method, detects and rewards products and services on the market. Only products and services, assessed by consumers, with the highest scores in their market category may carry the prestigious gold QUDAL – QUality meDAL accolade.

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