The QUDAL ® - QUality meDAL™ - certification seal, which indicates superior quality products and services, is awarded on the basis of special QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ market research

Bearers of the QUDAL® - QUality meDAL™ gold seal are decided upon exclusively by consumers on the basis of scientific market research.

Research using the QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ method is conducted by our independent organisation, ICERTIAS - International Certification Association, through a web questionnaire, according to the innovative DEEPMA™ (Deep Mind Awareness™) method.

Each QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ research is conducted for a whole series of market categories: e.g. milk, chocolate, ice cream, hair shampoo, mobile / cell phones, banks, insurance, rent-a-car...

The five star QUDAL® - QUality meDAL™ gold seal may only be carried by those products and services in which consumers have shown the greatest confidence when surveyed about the quality in the special QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™  research, positioning them at the very top in their category – first place.

Four stars of the QUDAL® medal may only be carried by those products and services where consumers in the QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ research position them in second place for their category.

Three stars are carried by those products and services where consumers in the QUDAL® - Quality - DEEPMA™ research have positioned them in third place in their category. 

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QUDAL is a certification programme that, based on scientific market research using the innovative DEEPMA (Deep Mind Awareness) method, detects and rewards products and services on the market. Only products and services, assessed by consumers, with the highest scores in their market category may carry the prestigious gold QUDAL – QUality meDAL accolade.

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