Each QUDAL® medal carries an innovative digital certificate of quality - QUCERT™

The QUCERT™ - Digital Quality Certificate – is actually an alphanumeric series reference or separate URL, on which all information about the manner in which the particular product or service carrying the QUDAL® medal earned its QUDAL status.

When a consumer enters the unique certification code from the QUDAL® medal of a particular product or service into a web browser such as Explorer, Netscape or Safari, the URL leads them to a special web page - the Digital Quality Certificate™ for precisely this product or service.

On the QUDAL® Digital Quality Certificate (QUCERT™) web page, a consumer may find information such as: when the QUDAL research was carried out; who conducted the research; a respondent's sample; for which category of product or service the QUDAL® quality certificate was received; the country to which the QUDAL® certificate refers; the time period for which the QUDAL® certificate was issued, etc.

Qudal logo

QUDAL is a certification programme that, based on scientific market research using the innovative DEEPMA (Deep Mind Awareness) method, detects and rewards products and services on the market. Only products and services, assessed by consumers, with the highest scores in their market category may carry the prestigious gold QUDAL – QUality meDAL accolade.

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